David Hardstaff
Business Systems and Data Specialist

If you run a business, the chances are quite high that you started it to provide a product or service to your customers.

You probably didn’t go into business to wrestle with the systems and technology that underpin whatever it is that you do.

Business owners who don’t have the desire or the ability to look after their own technology generally have two choices – they hand it all over to a colleague or a friend who “knows a bit about computers” or they call on a technology company to do it all for them.

Both options have the habit of costing your business in the end, because it quite often turns out that your colleague doesn’t know all that much about computers, and the technology company doesn’t know all that much about your business.

Of course this is a generalisation and a simplification – there are lots of very competent colleagues about, and a whole host of very capable technology providers.

But you may not be able to tell.

Business and technology are often uneasy companions – it’s straightforward to buy software systems nowadays, and all too easy to buy the wrong ones, so you end up with disparate systems not talking to each other, and this prevents you from growing your business or moving in the direction you want.

I have been solving problems of this sort since well before I had computers to help. So this means that I understand the business need, and the commercial aspects, before I worry about the technology.

Many companies approach technology vendors to solve commercial problems, but sometimes it might be better to approach commercially-minded businesses to solve technology issues?

It has to be worth a conversation to see if I can help you – I will always (depending on distance) come and see you for an hour or so without cost or obligation.

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