About David Hardstaff

“David is among a select group of people I would consider invaluable. A bit like a Stephen Fry of the IT world, but without the book deals and the TV shows.”

(Wayne Smallman, Octane Interactive)

David Hardstaff

I often wish I was an accountant (I nearly was) or a lawyer, or a plumber, or anything that makes it easy to tell people what I do.

As things turned out, I spent many years doing lots of different things with a common theme – sorting stuff out and solving problems.  Sometimes I had caused those problems myself, but that’s a good way to learn!

I was in generally operational roles, so dealing with things like the retail supply chain, inventory management and demand, warehousing, fulfilment and customer services.  Those roles meant that I needed a lot of information, and I quickly found that it wasn’t as easy to find as you might think.

Our computers provided plenty of data, but most of it was just a big list of sales figures on that green and white striped continuous stationery!

So I decided to learn how to dig about in that data to find what I needed, and therefore became proficient with spreadsheets and databases and reporting systems of one sort and another.  Many of those skills I picked up over 25 years ago still come in useful today, even though the technology has changed beyond recognition.

Because I am a business person first and foremost, I understand what information to look for, and my technical skills means that I know where to find it.  It’s a self-sufficient mix that I have found to be invaluable, and that is how I help most of my clients today.

I also provide development work to provide solutions if appropriate, and I work very hands-on.  I’m just as likely to be found data-cleansing someone’s address database, or building a simple quote generator, as sitting in the Board Room having a strategic conversation about their business.

I like it that way, because it keeps the days varied.  It also means I don’t need to wear a suit all the time!

To avoid too much overload, if you want my background, check out LinkedIn (here).  You can also find Case Studies on my profile page there as well.

If you want to see what people have said about me, then it’s here on my Testimonials page.

To find out more, or to have a chat without any obligation or hard-sell, please contact me here, or call 01438 832724.


Out of the office …

I was a primary school governor at our village school for six years.  Then I was a Parish Councillor for eight years, and the Chair for seven, which I have just stepped down from, so I am looking for the next challenge!

I have a large vinyl record collection, and have been known to play some of it on various radio stations.

I live in a Hertfordshire village, with my wife, two ‘young adults’, and some moribund tropical fish.


Other websites

I do a lot of Microsoft Access, and other database, work – find out more here.

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For collating data, and easy reporting and beautiful dashboards, you need Microsoft PowerBI – find out more here.