I happen to be working on a project with a company that is very sales-driven, and all the staff have targets, and there are weekly team meetings where the performance against sales targets are reviewed, and the ‘winners’ publicly feted and congratulated.

This has driven me to think about the pros and cons of using targets to incentivise your staff, and primarily whether those targets should be individual or departmental.

I don’t normally do ‘IT’ posts, but there are always news items about a new vulnerability that has surfaced, with the potential to cause significant damage to computers.

So I’m prompted to pull together a simple checklist. If you cover off these things, you ought to be confident that you have taken some steps to protect yourself, even if you do get caught in the end!

There’s no doubt that we live in a time of significant change. Technology moves along in leaps and bounds – someone told me the other day that there were several thousand iPads in use at the London 2012 Olympic Games, whereas in Beijing in 2008, there wasn’t a single one, largely because they were still a couple of years away from being released!