Software can be a complete nightmare for a business, and we help you to avoid those sleepless nights …

The problem with approaching specialist technology vendors with a software requirement is that they are often selling a particular system.  This may not be the best system for your business, but some vendors will have nothing else to offer.

The less scrupulous of them will try and shoehorn their software into your business.  They will potentially be able to customise it for you, but at what cost, and are you convinced that they understand your requirement?

Don’t misunderstand … there are many highly reputable firms who will give you exactly what you need, but unless you can be confident that you have found one of them, you are taking a gamble.

I take the view that you started a business in order to sell your particular product or service, and not to spend your time worrying about the technology needed to deliver it.

So I act as your partner in the process of sourcing, developing and implementing systems, whether they are back-office systems, accounting packages, CRM, order processing, e-commerce, websites, or whatever.

I have associates who specialise in all these areas, and can help you make the right decision and, most importantly, you will know that they will make every effort to understand your business requirement first, and offer you appropriate options.

I don’t have a specific product to sell, so our opinions and suggestions are truly independent.  I may point you towards an off-the-shelf system, which I can help you to implement if required, or I may work with you to specify and develop a bespoke system.

I can integrate new and existing systems, or hook your website into the process.  More and more, people are needing mobile solutions for their businesses – I can help you there as well, by building apps that connect to your business databases.

Every business is different – contact me today for a free chat to see how we can help you to celebrate those differences!