“… without David’s help, I simply could not have done what needed to be done.”


“The flexibility of David’s service most stands out. He was able to do everything asked and gave us honest feedback on what was or wasn’t possible. David is fast to respond and the service is good.”


“David has a great deal of experience, which is obvious when you speak to him and he always finds a way, which is a rare and very positive character trait.”

This page gives a range of testimonials received from clients of varying kinds – some have kindly referred me to their own clients, and others are direct clients of mine.  In some cases, I have left the comments anonymous – there are various reasons for this, but none are sinister!  If you would like to follow up any of the anonymous testimonials, please let me know and I can possibly put you in touch with the person concerned.

Website database development

“I’m not a database expert. David is, and has — on more than one occasion — proven to be exceptionally helpful, by being there to assist when so few others would. David is amongst a select group of people I would consider invaluable. A bit like a Stephen Fry of the IT world, but without the book deals and the TV shows.” (Wayne Smallman, Octane Interactive)

Change of key service provider

“We called upon David’s expertise to produce a tender document when changing our web provider.  David audited our actual requirements, assisted in short-listing providers and advised during the tender process. Our new provider has exceeded our expectations on service, innovation and cost. Many thanks to David in delivering such a great outcome.” (Simon Barnes, Business Development Director, Lifesure Group Limited)

Business support

“David is great. He is always friendly and approachable but very professional, very responsive and very clever, with great ideas.” (Suzi Bergman, Director, Storksak Limited)

Database development project

“I have absolutely nothing negative to say – David is super! He is quick with any communications, he is generally available outside office hours and he goes above and beyond what is expected.” (Layla Kaye, Gill Branston Associates Limited)

Business support and mentoring

“David … has been a great support and helped me to make some tough decisions as well as be a sounding board for the dilemmas a startup faces. I felt very blessed to have him available when there was no one else I could ask and having a business mind with an outside perspective was of extreme help.”  (Sandra Vickery, Fwangle Limited)

Database development project

“The knowledge that David has stood out most. First he had to get to grips with what we already had in place before he could work out the best way to go forward with a new system.” (John Rose, Managing Director, Barnet Window Company Limited)

Database and business requirement support

“David has been a real pleasure to work with. He has many qualities which make him stand out; he is very friendly, knows his domain very well and has a flexible and professional approach. He has not failed to deliver to and sometimes exceed expectations. I look forward to a continued relationship and future successes.” (Darren Tarrant, Technical Manager, Granite5)

Business networking referral

“I’ve just had a call from a valued client, thanking me for referring David to him. He does not give praise lightly. I asked David yesterday if he could help my client solve an urgent problem. Straight away David got in there & has spent time with my client today. Thank you David – what a star!” (Garry Mumford, Insight Solutions, via 4Networking)

Business networking forum response

“David has very kindly helped me with numerous IT issues since I’ve known him and he is never anything less than generous with his support and time.” (Joanne Fentiman, Topnotch Virtual Assistance, via 4Networking)

Business networking forum response

“Had a problem with Excel and asked for help on the 4N forum, within minutes David had replied with easy to follow instructions and problem was solved. Thanks again David” (Richard Frater, Complete Business Supplies, via 4Networking)

Pentaho Business Intelligence software implementation

“I would like to extend my gratitude for work in getting Pentaho up and running at EBP. The difference in our ability to service our customers is night and day. I’d also like to offer my personal thanks for your professional and friendly approach.” (Eamonn Martin, Head of Collections, Environmental Business Products, via email)

Pentaho Business Intelligence software implementation

“Working alongside David during the implementation stages of Data Warehousing at EBP was an excellent experience. I found him extremely easy to work alongside and always willing to share his wealth of knowledge and to apply it finding solutions that matched our business case.” (John Heath, Data Operations Manager, Environmental Business Products, via LinkedIn)

Bespoke Sales Order Processing system development

“I worked with David on the development of a Sales Order Processing system. He was an invaluable contact to have, combining a very detailed knowledge of all aspects of the business along with tremendous enthusiasm to embrace new technologies and a willingness to get hands-on when needed to.” (Stephen Fahey, ABI Solutions)

“I’d just like to thank David Hardstaff for the wonderful assistance he’s offered. A pleasure to work with and as steady a pair of hands as you could hope to find. Excellent”  (Anonymous client)

“David Hardstaff is very professional and he does what he says he’ll do. The quality of his work is very good and any issues are resolved quickly.” (Anonymous client)

“I needed to migrate (quite atrocious) data from an earlier client web application to the new version. However, we encountered speed problems, all of which David either solved or provided a roadmap for future improvements.” (Anonymous client)

“In addition to getting the job done, David always goes the extra mile. He is very flexible and happy to do extra activities that don’t cover the initial brief. David is a very honest, likeable chap who’s good to have around and I’m happy to put him in front of my clients when necessary.” (Anonymous client)